Production software for animal processing plants

Keep track of your plant with one system.
Save time and stop handwriting your forms.
Process more customers without increasing staff.

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Production Management

Access your data wherever & whenever you need it.

Stay informed from schedule to pickup.
Reduce phone time and improve accuracy.
No more duplicating your data.

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Flexible, Customizable & Integrated

Fits your business now and as you grow

Schedule & process USDA, Custom and Halal
Turn on advanced features when you want
Online booking and cut selection

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Deer Season

Fast and easy entry/update

Track whole deer, boxes &
batches from drop off to
Invoice, Payment & Pickup.

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What did we do?

service 1

Modern Design

A web based application means nothing to install, available where and when you need it.

service 2

Tag Control

Each animal gets a unique Tag# to track through the process.

service 3


Even the smallest plant can use the system to get organized.

service 1


See what is coming, what is processing and what is being picked up.

service 2


A unique system that targets the key bottlenecks of your production.

service 2


The screens and forms are easy to learn.


project 1

Enter Payments

Both payment and pickup for Invoices is done on the same screen.

project 2


The Killing Scheduled Calendar.

project 2

Calendar Cut

The Cutting Schedule show you both the Tagged (blue) and the Ordered weights (black)

project 2

Available Calendar

The Available Calendar shows you how many of each Species you can Kill.
A negative number indicates you have overbooked.

project 3


project 4


Setup your customers to receive email notifications.

Keep them informed and cut down on phone time.

project 4

Contacts Accounts

To each Account you attach multiple Contacts.

The Account can be a company, for example, with the Owner paying and an employee Picking Up.

project 4

Attach Accounts

To each Tag you can attach multiple Accounts and/or Contacts that may be paying or picking up.

project 4


Fast entry of where each Tote, Basket etc. is located.

No limit to number of cold rooms.

project 4

Printed Order List

Filter by date, name, whatever and then print a list.

project 4

Weekly Recap

A weekly summary by Species

Invoice Preview

To create an Invoice you finish the Cut Sheet and enter the complete date.

This is the preview showing you the Total and SubTotals.

project 4
project 4

Order List

The Order List is the first screen you see after you login. Since Tags have not been made, it is easy to change to the Order.

project 4

Invoice List

The Invoice List show Open Invoices.

project 5

Kill Sheet

When animals are dropped off, you create Tags and print Kill Sheets. With just a few clicks.

project 6

Tag List

This is a list of Tagged animals. Here you can see (and print) almost everything about the animals that are (or have been) processed. You can filter by species and/or date range.

project 7

Cut Sheet (Beef)

The cut choices are designed for whole, half and primal.

Simply check / uncheck the boxes.

As you finish each section the left side turns green.

Print a Cut Sheet at any time during the process.

You can pre-set Steak, Roast and Chop sizes.

project 8


Invoicing your finished cut sheets is simply a click. All charges for each process calculate and create an easy to ready Invoice.

project 9

Cut Schedule

This is a summary of what has either been Tagged or Ordered to be cut today.

project 1

Species Setup

Screen Master Cut Sheets
Used By Staff and Customers

Each Species has a setup for grouping, totalling, etc.

  • Scheduled Calendar

    project 1
    One Weeks Kill Schedule
  • Available Calendar

    project 1
    One Weeks Avail Schedule
  • Cutting Calendar

    project 1
    One Weeks Cut Schedule
  • Producers / Payees / Pickups

    project 8
    Attach Accounts to Order, Tag & Invoice for Pay, CS and PU
  • Notifications

    Notify Customers about Orders, Cut Sheets, Pick Up etc.
  • Order List Screen

    project 4
    Know what is coming
  • Order List Form

    project 4
    Create Filtered Lists
  • Cut Sheet

    project 2
    Cutters Instructions
  • Storage

    project 2
    Quickly locate for pickup
  • Tag List

    project 20
    Know what is processing
  • Cut Selections

    project 7
    Beef Cut Choices
  • Kill Sheet

    project 5
    Kill Sheet Form
  • Cut Schedule Summary

    project 9
    Cut Schedule Summary by Species
  • Weekly Recap

    project 9
    Weekly Recap (click on Sunday)
  • Invoice List

    project 3
    Invoice List
  • Create Invoice

    project 3
    Create Invoices from Completed Cut Sheet
  • Accounts

    project 36
    Producers, Contacts & Vendors
  • Payments

    project 36
    Enter payments for Invoice
  • Receipts

    project 36
    List of Checks, Cash and Charges
  • Monthly Register

    project 36
    Recap of Sales and Receipts

What do our Customers say ?

Listen to what owners, managers and users have to say about our system.

"We were able to grow our business and provide better service in just a few months."

client 1

"It was so easy to start using the system. And the support was first class."

client 2

"Other solutions had data in multiple places. Web access means I can work anywhere."

client 3


Core Modules

  • Species
  • Scheduling
  • Tag Control
  • Cut Sheets

Money Management

  • Invoices
  • Receivables
  • Payables
  • Reports


  • Bar Code Scanner
  • Scale Manager Integration
  • Quickbooks ® Integration
  • Multi-User


  • Online Orders
  • Retail Inventory
  • Storage Control
  • Batch Control


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